• me pointing to the MOTHER series: cool games
  • nintendo: no... you don't underknow... stop..please... no one likes these games... please stop asking about these games nobody likes them..
  • me pointing to the MOTHER series: love these games
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From Columbia With Love
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Orange is The New Black
  • Season 1: I fucking hate Pornstache
  • Season 2: Pornstache isn't that bad. I fucking hate Vee
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What if Marceline and Princes Bubblegum had a baby? I’m just saying….
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Happy Birthday!
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Wish Taylor Momsen a Happy Birthday!

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Orange is the new black is awesome, but you know what would also be awesome?

Kid friendly shows with trans characters and trans actors

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I bought these glasses today and I love them so much I drew themhttp://h0les.bigcartel.com/product/h0les-classic
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